With decades of experience in Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions for the refining, chemical and petrochemical industry we employ our top modeling skills to resolve planning and scheduling challenges both inside and outside the plant fence.

Examples of areas we cover inside the plant fence are:

  • Production Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Blending Optimization

Examples of areas we cover outside the plant fence are:

  • Demand Management and Forecasting
  • Strategic and logistics planning
  • Multi-plant production planning
  • Pipeline scheduling
  • Distribution and logistics scheduling

Our solutions provide web-based, multi-user reporting; standard methods are employed to integrate with other operations systems at plant level, as well as ERP systems at enterprise level.

Some extra information follow.

Production and Distribution Planning

Production and/or distribution planning applications allocate optimally the forecasted demand to the production or distribution units of the supply chain network, taking into consideration all relevant constraints including, inventory levels for each product, transportation capacity and time, production capacity and raw material availability. Optimization techniques, such as linear programming and heuristics, are used to minimize the production/inventory costs and to maximize revenue. At the same time, our applications provide the ability to examine in user-friendly format a number of what-if scenarios related to demand or supply changes, reduction of capacity, cost fluctuations etc.


Scheduling applications focus on defining the sequence, timing and volume of manufacturing activities or movements to be executed in each production unit. The resulting sequence of activities takes into account all constraints, like plant capacity, inventory, material availability and delivery time. In essence, we have the combination of advanced optimization techniques and algorithms with human skills and experience. The scheduler has now the ability to modify the schedule and see instantly the consequences, infeasibilities, delays in delivery, cost changes etc. The production manager continues to have the full control of what will be produced and where, having at his disposal an advanced tool to help him take correct and intelligent decisions. In the end, ensuring feasible schedules effectively increases throughput and dramatically minimizes operational costs.

Our scheduling applications are user friendly. The schedule is displayed in an easily modifiable Gantt Chart. The economical and operational results of each modification are automatically presented and alternative solutions are provided.
Hyperion use best-in-class software technology detailed below.

SoftwareArea of ApplicationLinks
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Aspen Petroleum SchedulerRefinery and dock operations schedulingSoftware | Brochure
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