Also dubbed by the industry as “plant-to-enterprise” solutions, these systems collect real-time manufacturing data from regulatory process control and measurement systems across the plant, store them into special high speed databases and then apply a series of transformations to convert these data to useful information for operational decision-making and for input into higher level enterprise (ERP) systems. Hyperion delivered systems that assist our customers to identify process bottlenecks, resolve production challenges, and reduce inventory tracking costs. More importantly, common access to appropriate data representing the single-version-of-the-truth in the plant, results to better decision making based on the economic impact and profitability, rather than just the production rates.

We design and implement Manufacturing Execution Systems that perform:

  • Real-time monitoring of production parameters
  • Monitoring of the product quality at all intermediate production levels
  • Monitoring of asset utilization (e.g. equipment down time)
  • Batch tracking, traceability of individual production batches, and end-product genealogy
  • Event Management
  • Roll-out and implementation of electronic workflows and standard operating procedures.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Software and hardware selection and procurement
  • High-availability/redundant system design
  • Integration to other plant systems, like DCS historians, laboratory information management systems, enterprise resourse planning systems, and external/relational databases
  • Customized reporting and role-specific dashboards; all accessible through a flexible and scalable visualization web portal
  • Installing, testing and on-site commissioning
  • Technical support: Software and hardware upgrades, system audits and revamping.

Hyperion use best-in-class software technology and detailed below.

SoftwareArea of ApplicationLinks
Aspen InfoPlus.21 Real-time production historian to collect, merge, store and retrieve data from multiple sources and create a complete picture of operationsSoftware  |  Brochure
aspenONE Process-Explorer Graphical tool to analyze and plot data trends Software
Aspen Production Execution ManagerElectronic workflow, order and recipe management, supports operational consistency Software
Aspen Production Record ManagerSegments production data into batches, campaigns or other logical groupings for easier analysis and production reporting Software
Aspen Operations Reconciliation and AccountingCreate and access customizable workspaces specific to a person’s role, improving access to critical  information Software