Advisory Services

Combining our people’s knowledge of manufacturing processes, business domain expertise, in-depth technology understanding and long experience with industry best practices, we provide a set of high value-added advisory and consulting services…

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Planning and Scheduling

With decades of experience in Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions for the refining, chemical and petrochemical industry we employ our top modeling skills to resolve planning and scheduling challenges both inside and outside the plant fence…

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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Also dubbed by the industry as “plant-to-enterprise” solutions, these systems collect real-time manufacturing data from regulatory process control and measurement systems across the plant, store them into special high speed databases and then apply a series of transformations to convert these data to useful information for operational decision-making and for input into higher level enterprise (ERP) systems…

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Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control (APC) is a solution practice drawing elements from many disciplines, ranging from control engineering, signal processing, statistics, decision theory and artificial intelligence. All of them are applied typically on top of a basic Distributed Control System in order to improve the speed and accuracy of controlling a process, through reduced variability and increased predictability…

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Laboratory Information Management Systems

Often dubbed as “an ERP for the lab“, LIMS systems manage samples, users, instruments, standards and other laboratory functions such as plate management and work flow automation.

Using state-of-the-art software technology from Thermo Scientific, we deliver LIMS systems that address the needs of all environmental, research or commercial analysis laboratories, such as pharmaceutical, chemical or petrochemical….

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