Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN) – known as AspenTech – is one of the leading providers of software and services for the process industries.

AspenTech’s leadership is fueled by innovation, domain experts, and breadth and depth of products in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain operations.

AspenTech software tackles the most complex process manufacturing challenges, creating value and improving profitability for our customers. The industries that drive our economies and touch our lives are optimized by aspenONE software every day. The world’s leading oil & gas, chemical, engineering & construction, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods companies all rely on AspenTech to run their business.

With integrated aspenONE software, process manufacturers can optimize their engineering, manufacturing, and supply chains. AspenTech customers are better able to achieve operational excellence — increasing capacity, improving margins, reducing costs, becoming more energy efficient, ensuring safety, and shrinking their carbon footprint.