Over the last twenty years the Hyperion Consulting team delivered in a cost-efficient way a number of projects and acquired a strong, proven service implementation record and reputation in GCC, Europe and Russia.

Hyperion Consulting Team have successfully:

  • Implemented supply chain and manufacturing execution systems, including refinery planning, scheduling, and blending
  • Audited complex supply chain systems in hydrocarbons industry
  • Reviewed, upgraded and maintained advanced process control applications
  • Offered technical support and maintenance on integrated multi-refinery optimization systems, including planning, scheduling, blending, process modeling and plant process data reconciliation
  • Delivered batch tracking solutions in petrochemical plants
  • Supported locally an array of real-time databases implementation, upgraded to new versions without data loss, troubleshot issues etc.
  • Manned a Program Management Office for portfolio of projects and initiatives related to information technology systems.

Our Team’s professional experience includes:

  • Advanced process control and real-time optimization
  • Real time and relational databases
  • Batch tracking, event management and electronic workflow solutions
  • Process modeling and simulation, including engineering controllability studies
  • System integration between manufacturing execution, supply chain and ERP systems
  • Refinery, chemical and petrochemical planning, scheduling
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management
  • Project and Program Management.

Our team has traveled and operated extensively throughout the world.